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2020 Treasure Hunt

Introducing CFNKLS

CFNKLS Response to the Current Health Crisis

The North Kootenay Lake communities are already creating various new means for helping those who are being harmed by the necessary restrictions placed on us by the covid-19 pandemic. CFNKLS expects to be helping with such community efforts as well. Thank your for your generous past support. See Events page for recipients of both Emergency Community Funding cycles (spring and fall).

Barney Gilmore, former Secretary


CFNKLS is a Community Fund that has been serving the communities of North Kootenay Lake since 2005.  Through the generous donations and commitment of local community members like you, we have built an endowment of over $1,130,000 during that time.  This permanent endowment is invested through our partnership with the Osprey Community Foundation and enables us to make annual charitable grants to community groups in Kaslo and Area D.

On this site you can learn more about CFNKLS, different ways that you can help to build our endowment, how you can access grants for your community group, and some of the good things that local groups are doing with support from CFNKLS.

An endowment fund is an investment in our communities and in our future.  We hope that you will join us in supporting CFNKLS and helping to create thriving and resilient rural communities in North Kootenay Lake.