About Us

CFNKLS Response to the Current Health Crisis

The North Kootenay Lake communities are already creating various new means for helping those who are being harmed by the necessary restrictions placed on us by the covid-19 pandemic. CFNKLS expects to be helping with such community efforts as well. Thank your for your generous past support.


The Community Fund of North Kootenay Lake Society develops and manages permanent endowment funds from which we make annual grants to local charitable organizations in the communities of North Kootenay Lake.

We were established in 2005 and have endowments of over $1,000,000 which now allow us to make various annual grants totaling $50,000 or more each year.  We operate under the wing of the Osprey Community Foundation in Nelson (Charitable tax# 87492‐5928 RR0001).  Our investments are managed by the Vancouver Foundation, allowing us to benefit from a larger pool of investments.

For more detailed information about CFNKLS, The Osprey Community Foundation, and The Vancouver Foundation and how they are connected, CFNKLS Handbook for Affiliates is a good resource.

CFNKLS is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors who live in the communities of North Kootenay Lake.  Our current Board members include:

  • Honora Cooper, President
  • Catherine Whitehead, Vice-President
  • Aiko Jackson, Treasurer
  • Barney Gilmore
  • Joe Johnston
  • Donna Butt
  • Mark Gringerich

You may email CFNKLS at    honoracooper@gmail.com

Most of our funds are invested in our General Endowment Fund which allows us to make grants to a wide range of community groups depending on their needs.  In addition to our general endowment fund, we operate a number of field of interest funds including:

  • Environment Fund
  • Children, Youth and Families Fund
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund
  • Seniors Funds

Our Community Fund was initiated in part by the generous establishment of the McKinnon Family Fund.  This Fund provides an annual bursary for students who have been enrolled in JVH, Selkirk College or a similar educational institution and who plan to go into trades, as well as donations to the Kaslo and District Public Library and to the Victorian Community Health Center of Kaslo.